“My Sketchbook” is the blog of Tim Chorzempa, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and self admitted geek.

computer hacks
Hackbook Mini

At first glance people have mistaken my little netbook for some sort of new Macbook Air. It runs the Mac OS, has the unmistakable glowing apple logo, and has an elegant simple clamshell design.


Meet Tim

I'm Tim. I'm part artist, part handyman and part computer geek. In other words I'm creative, very hands on and definitely into technology. This site is my hobby, and I hope to come across some interesting people through it.


Marpat Camo Laptop

As a Graphic Designer and Web Designer, I deal with a lot of tight deadlines. I also deal with writing and formatting a ton of copy! A few years ago, I decided I could use some practice with touch typing to help with my speed and accuracy when I type.