“My Sketchbook” is the blog of Tim Chorzempa, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and self admitted geek.

Meet Tim

I'm Tim. I'm part artist, part handyman and part computer geek. In other words I'm creative, very hands on and definitely into technology. This site is my hobby, and I hope to come across some interesting people through it.

Maybe I'll learn something from you and vice versa.

If you're curious about something and have a basic question feel free to ask! I'm here to meet people. I can't promise to respond to everyone's comments because I don't have a lot of spare time but I will try. I do appreciate your interest and thank you for your visits.

Unfortunately I can't be expected to give in depth advice for free. It's not fair to expect me to. Like most everyone I value time with loved ones, time for myself and time for work. If what you are asking about a project is interesting to me you might see a hint or two but this is driven completely by my interest. Kindness is appreciated and will be given in return. Rudeness or meanness is not, and won't get you anywhere.


Let's have fun!

Most importantly remember that my this site is my hobby and something I do for enjoyment. I have ideas that I think are interesting and I'd like to share them. If you're not familiar with some of my tech-speak don't be intimidated, It just means that I can get really excited by the small details. If this site interests you also I'm glad! I appreciate your interest and thank you for your visit. Welcome!

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